Morocco offers a superb arrange of accommodation options both in terms of style and size. Recent investments by major international brands have seen new properties open in Marrakech and the region of Casablanca, especially with the Mazagan Beach Resort in particular. Couple these with a wonderful range of Riads and boutique hotels throughout the country then there is an option for every type and style of event or incentive travel programme you might be considering.

Convention centres:

Morocco - Convention Centres

Marrakech has two purpose built convention centres whilst the Mazagan Beach Resort offers a wide range of meeting rooms as an alternative to the business and meeting hotels of Casablanca. There are plans to build more. Both cities have a good range of accommodation which results in a great deal of flexibility when considering Morocco for your next event. Marrakech and Casablanca (for Mazagan) both have good direct international flights. There are good air, road, rail links connecting both cities together with a strong local infrastructure from technical event services, restaurants and ground programme options, to support large events.

Hotel meeting space:

Morocco - Meeting space

There are good meeting orientated hotels for corporate and association meetings in both the Casablanca region and Marrakech. There are also resort options too in Marrakech and now Mazagan with the opening of the new Kerzner resort on the Atlantic coast. A number of Riads also offer meeting space for small board room meetings or company retreats.


Morocco - Venues

Morocco has a wonderful array of options from Kasbahs (forts) to palaces; oases to palm groves, trendy restaurants to unusual venues and of course the majestic Atlas Mountains and the stunning Sahara Desert. In Marrakech you can select old merchant houses now converted into delightful restaurants where as in Fez you can have historical settings in which to dine either in the elegant interiors or under the stars. There are the beach locations of Mazagan region and tented villages amongst impressive mountain ranges and wind crafted sand dunes in the Sahara and these give you a wide range of dramatic settings in which to stage events creating extraordinary experiences.