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Morocco Flights and Visas

Direct international flights with a choice of schedule and low cost carriers into 3 city gateways.

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Morocco Accommodation

There is a fantastic range of accommodation options from famous landmark hotels to luxury resorts; convention hotels to unique Riads of all shapes and sizes and exclusive en-suite tented camps in the majestic Atlas Mountains and the stunning Sahara Desert.

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What works best where

Morocco - What works best where

Morocco has much to offer event organisers. It is an exciting and beautiful country with a diversity of locations, climates, venues, hotels and activities that gives you a wide range of destination options from which to choose; all year round.

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Local Time & Weather

Moroccan Insight – A guide to the country

Want to know more about Morocco from banking and business hours, currency and shopping?
We have compiled a guide to Morocco to help you with planning your next event...

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